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What Does Civil Discourse Look Like?

President Obama’s  call for “a more civil and honest political discourse” is a challenge we should accept. What does it mean?  What are we called to do? Ann Friedman in the American Prospect ponders a similar question and notes: However, … Continue reading

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Vaccine Requirements — Parental Rights vs. Public Safety

I added an Addendum to this post. Last week a public hearing was held on HB416 which would provide an exemption from required vaccinations for reason of “conscientious belief”.  Such exemptions are not uncommon. A parent or legal guardian objects … Continue reading

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Poll: Opposition to Health Care Reform Eases – CBS News

P0lling data from around mid-January 2011 from CBS (AP–GfK Poll) contrasts sharply with the University of New Hampshire Survey Center Poll released on February 10.  The most striking difference is the response to the question, Should the reform be repealed.  … Continue reading

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Future of Health Care Reform In NH

Rather than post an introduction to this blog, I am going straight to an issue of importance for New Hampshire: Will the legislature allow the process of preparing for health care reform to continue, or will it block reform? Below … Continue reading

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