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Insurance Vouchers and Changing Incentives

There is a telling exchange on Representative Ryan’s privatization of Medicare on Bloggingheads between Glenn Loury of Brown University and Mark Schmitt of the Roosevelt Institute. This Bloggingheads took place nearly two weeks ago and much discussion has ensured since … Continue reading

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Being Wrong — and Knowing It! (Part 1)

Kathryn Schulz has written an entertaining book (Being Wrong) about a problem that refuses to go away,  which we should be thankful for!  That is, we owe a lot to our capacity to draw accurate conclusions from a few observations … Continue reading

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Republican Plan for Medicare

The plan, projected by Republicans to save trillions of dollars, would according the Congressional Budget Office eliminate $5.8 trillion dollars of Medicare spending through 2021.   How is this done? I shall quote James Kwak  a contributor to the Baseline Scenario: … Continue reading

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Resistance to Climate Change Research?

It is far less difficult in the world of research to let the facts stand than in the political world where too often political advantage determines whether results are dismissed or embraced.  Yes, Thomas Kuhn taught us that researchers will … Continue reading

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