Election 2012

Thus spake Mitt Romney.

He is not concerned because the poor have a safety that according to Mitt is in fine working order.

Mitt says he is not concerned about the rich, because they are in great shape, thanks to the devoted attention of the Republican Party — my comment, not Mitt’s.

I salute Mitt’s partial honesty — I don’t really believe the part about his lack of interest in the welfare of the rich. The plight of the poor is of no interest to Republican politicians and of little interest to most Democratic politicians.  For Democrat to talk about the poor is a political liability; better to talk about the struggling middle class and devise policies that support the poor.  Republicans have convinced themselves that by tending to the economically powerful the benefits of growth will “trickle down” to those at the bottom.

The Republican ideologists/apologists are not satisfied…

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  1. From the Empire State says:

    What is a “reblog?”

  2. Fathead says:

    Reblog is actually shorthand for Rebel Log – a history of the Rebellion written by William Henry, the younger brother of George III . . . but I digress.

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