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Romney’s Dance Around Ryan’s Medicare Plan

Medicare has entered the election campaign is not likely to leave the political arena UNLESS Republicans find a way to sideline the issue.  If Republicans accomplish this by replacing Medicare talk with debate over  the difference between “legitimate rape” and … Continue reading

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Medicare Debate: Arguing About Consequences of Spending Reductions

I have noted in previous blogs both Democrats and Republicans are proposing spending less on Medicare. By enacting the Accountable Care Act (the health care reform bill) Democrats passed and President Obama signed into law large reductions in Medicare spending. … Continue reading

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Where does wisdom live?

David Brooks paints a simple picture of what he proposes as the core philosophical difference between Democrats and Republicans. The parties look in different places  for answers to policy questions.  Do you look to government, or do you look for … Continue reading

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Medicare — Short Takes

Medicare Part D and the Argument for Replacing Medicare with Vouchers for Purchasing Private Insurance It is an article of faith among Republicans that the private insurance market is key to driving down health care costs.  Medicare Part D which … Continue reading

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Republican Plan for Medicare

The plan, projected by Republicans to save trillions of dollars, would according the Congressional Budget Office eliminate $5.8 trillion dollars of Medicare spending through 2021.   How is this done? I shall quote James Kwak  a contributor to the Baseline Scenario: … Continue reading

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